Silicone Pet Bath Treater

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1. Multi-functional: there is a fishbone-shaped food slot in the front. It is a pet food plate and a slow food plate which you can put the dog food or pet wet grain like the pet food can. 
2.Convenient: the back has a fixed support slot and strong sucker which can paste in any position in the bathroom to let pet take a bath and eat food at the same time. It can transfer pet attention and solve the pet do not want to Take a bath problem easily.
3.Durable: silicone material is more durable and convenient for cleaning.
4.Safety: made of food-grade silicone, it is non-toxic and safe for pets.
5.Multi-application: it can be like a fun toy for less boredom while alone. The bath buddy will meet your pets various demands!


Color: Blue 
Material: Silicone 
Size: 18CM x 18CM x 1.5CM

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